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hot wheels track

I’ve tried hard lately to really put my thoughts about morality into words. I’ve sortve been having a case of double think when it comes to a totally objective type of morality. On the one hand I /know/ certain things are wrong, and I /know/ that some beliefs about morality are more right than others, therefore their must be an ultimate morality, or a perfect morality. But on the other hand, I know culture can dictate certain things to be “right” or “wrong” without any regard to my western philosophy of good and bad.

So, like I said, instead of choosing what seemed to me to be contridictory truths, I (to borrow a word from NewSpeak) employed a little bit of doublethink in the situation. That is, holding two contridictory thoughts in my head.

Eventually I’ve realized how my perspective on the situation had been skewed by years of growing up in the Bible belt and in churches that used the words “evil, bad, and wrong” interchangably.

Am I about to use semantics to argue a point about morality? Yeah, I am.

Let me start over, or rather, let me go back a bit. The libertarian in me would say that my freedom extends to arm length, meaning as long as I’m not hurting anyone then I am free to do as I please. This is pertaining to civics, but for secular humanists, this is their only argument for morality. Its the only way they can make a standard for morals. “As long you don’t hurt anyone.” Of course this doesn’t really work. The worst part of this is it makes for a pretty stale culture. People aren’t challenged by anyone as to matters of right and wrong and the differences in opinion over what is really limiting peoples freedom just turns into “sez who?”

I’m rambling though.

So the libertarian view was something that made sense to me. At least mostly, the problem was that there was def things I thought were wrong even if it didn’t harm another soul. So why did I feel that way? Was it social conditioning? Certainly the issues I had were firmly planted by western lines of thinking, but I had already fallen out of touch with plenty of other western ideas. So why was morals sticking out to me?

So let me get back to the point I was about to make. What’s the difference between wrong, bad, and evil? And why do I believe all of them to be “sin”

Let’s start with the hard one: wrong. Here is the basic point I want to make and its the one I had the most trouble with. I could not understand how something could be wrong if it didn’t hurt anyone or seemed to hurt the person that was doing it. But it became simple when I stopped identfying it with bad or evil and started understanding that things can be wrong simply because they are not within a design that someone has created. If I try to piece together a table without any instructions, the table basicaly work, but if I didn’t follow the directions it is wrong no matter how it works. If it seems to work as a table or if it doesn’t work at all, both are equally wrong if you don’t follow the intended instructions.

Take a hot wheels track. If I make a track and a car isn’t on the track then I can’t really do anything with the car. Sure someone could step on the car and hurt themselves if its not on the track and that is a consequence of being off the track, but someone could just as easily step on a car on the track. And that is a consequence of that. The point is the consquenses of both are irrelevent to the fact that one is on the track being right and another is off the track being wrong.

So, to sum up.

Sin is the absence of god.
The absence of god is being outside of the design of god
Being outside of the design of god doesn’t make you “evil”. It doesn’t make you hurt other people, it just simply means you’re wrong.

That sounds like a downer right? You’re thinking that “wow I know I’m outside of the design of god, in fact I’m probably have some sin in me 24/7” the good news is, that happens to every other person on the planet and when we’re all in the same boat you don’t have to worry about any of us judging you. Because we have no authority over that whatsoever.

Every hot wheel you ever had has fallen off the track once.

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ooooooooooohhhhhh dream interpretation ‘yatches

Dustin: i had a dream last night that someone dressed up like me and went on a rampage and killed a bunch of people or something. so i get put in jail. but jail is kinda nice. it had three rooms and a nice bed. one of the guards tried to play a prank on me saying there was a bear under the main walk way that went in my room(it was a weird room) but it was just a prank because the bear was stuffed…

CourtNix8: wow/ that was amazing.

Dustin: what do you think the dream means?

Dustin: a manfestation of….white guilt?

CourtNix8: the bear represents homoerotic undertones…in your dream

Dustin: lol

Dustin: oh i should say this

Dustin: before they put me in the jail. i guess the….warden?– or something? — anyways she was flirting with me. and it made me uncomfortable.

CourtNix8: well at least it was a she

Dustin: O.0

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just dumb


stuff i draw after using copious amounts of drugs. (not really)

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So beautiful

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i wish i could fine out who that was that told that girl that one time that he loved her back when he was 17. i wish i knew what was going through his mind, why he chose that spot, those words, that girl, that time. so specific, so well thought out. so well planned that even when she walked away crying he still stood there finishing what he came to say.

and i wish i knew who that 11 year old boy was that lied to his mom about what he and that 11 year old girl that lived down the street was doing in the basement. why he felt so brave after kissing that he could have stared down anyone. why her sweet sticky lipgloss on his shirt was clear and his mom didnt notice.

i wish i could find out who that 20 year old son was that finally became a man when he finally gave up everything he had hung on to the last 20 years. when he found out he wasnt worthy of his selfishness. how he wasnt worthy of his pity, he wasnt even worthy of the shame he felt when he really saw himself

no i dont need to find myself. i dont need to look in the mountains of other countries or near the water with tiny bits of glass all on my parents credit card. i dont need have to look in the spaces between the black and white keys or the chunks of wood missing from the maple or rosewood where the frets meet the grain. no i dont need to look in the name thats inscribed in the side of that pew ive been in half my life, or the floor of a temple or a mat i bought to take to that yoga class ive never been to.

no i dont need to find out who i am. id rather remember who i was.

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Here are some pictures I took of the moon with my phone’s camera and my telescope. Of course my phone can’t show the level of detail the telescope’s optical lens can, but it was an extremely clear night so I did the best I could. The hardest part was holding the camera still long enough in the right place for the auto exposure to open up long enough to see the moon. I wish I had one of those nice telescopes with the video monitor and stuff like, that but some of the pics still turned out okay I think.

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there is a man in that goat

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There are so many things right with this

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kwisatz haderach

So I haven’t been very active on my blog lately. At least not on the outside. I did change my blog header after playing around stuff for a while. On a similar note, I also changed the background on my twitter page: I thought it was sorta clever and I had fun making it. I think that’s the right link. You see that brings me to my next point: probably the only reason I’m doing this post right now is because I’m trying out my new wordpress app on my phone. Its pretty cool, but a simple task on a compy, like grabbing a link is sorta awkward on my phone.

Like I said, on the outside I haven’t really done anything on my blog, but its sorta only half the story. On the behind-the-music episode of my blog you would have seen me start and subsequently quit a good bit of posts. I wrote and rewrote a review of robert plants and allison krauss’s album (that was released last year) a bunch of times. I had a post on helvetica that got trashed, a few different posts on my time at the radio station that I never really finished, and I had a really dumb whiny post about dumb whiny stuff. But trust me, you’re not missing anything by not reading them. Ill give a breakdown on everything right now

That plant and krauss album? Pretty good. Took me a while to get into. The lyrics are pisspoor in some cases, but it’s excusable in the context of bluesy, folk songs. The octave harmonies they sing together are just beautiful, though you get the feeling plant isn’t used to singing with a partner like that. Which is nice, its good to see an established artist that has nothing more to prove stretch himself a bit and get out of his comfort zone.

(Playing right now: elliott smith – miss misery)

Um, what else? If you haven’t seen helvetica then you really should. I was thinking the other day why I liked the documentary so much. I think its because it takes such an objective look at the subject using very subjective people. Its like, everyone in the movie has an agenda except for the filmmaker( gary huswit is I believe his name). I really like that. Of course people are going to have an agenda to push, and documentaries with people in them are naturally going to reflect those motives. I think my problem is when the movie itself has a motive, that is just irritating to watch. Watching a debate is entertaining, being preached to just makes me want to claw my eyeballs out.

The Kwisatz Haderach is a messiah figure in the novel Dune that the all women institue of the Bene Gesserit tried to selectively breed using arranged marriges in the royal families. The kwisatz haderach using the spice drug melange, would be able to see many futures and bend space and time itself. It is a really great book and I’d encourage any even casual fan of science fiction to read.

A little over a month ago I took an intern position a live 100.5, a local radio station here in bham if you don’t know. It been really cool so far. There are nice people there and the perks of being onstaff have already manifested themselves(Mutemath tickets at the alabama theatre) (!) I’ve been going in mondays wednesdays and fridays. A pretty reasonable schedule for a nonpaid internship i think. I do stuff like pull music from the internet and cd’s and get them on the stations network using a program called tlc(trim, label, and convert.) I usually pick out music for each nights mixtape. That’s my one small influence in the stations programing, so there’s that. You can listen to that each night at 7. (Used to be 9) I think I’ve played cool stuff, mostly just my favorite bands. Hopefully this week ill get an all instrumental mixtape in. I’ve got slint, do make say think, and broken social scene lined up. Will try and get some el ten eleven on there too.

I’m too tired to write anymore. Maybe youll see part 2 soon.

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