Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | May 19, 2008


Sooo yeah. Gigapan. It’s a pretty cool website I found a few days ago while I was browsing the net. And it’s a really fun time waster. Apparently, these pictures are created using billion pixel images. This is done by a robot that takes an ordinary digital camera, and takes around 360 images of a scene. It then compiles them, like any other panorama software could, and it creates an image with a billion pixels. The fun in this is constantly zooming in more and more and the image updating itself sharper and with more detail. The interface is basically Google Earth and it’s just as easy to use. Supposedly the price point for this thing for consumers will only be a few hundred dollars. Which is well in the price range of most amateur photographers. The website above already has pictures taken by the robot that you can browse and zoom and pan to your hearts content, but you don’t need the robotic mount to start taking these types of pictures. If you have a digital camera you can start doing it your self. All you have to do is start taking alot of overlapping pictures of one scene. I’m sure a tripod would be useful, and you would need some type of stitching software to compile the images in a panarama. Then you just make an account at gigapan and you’re off to the races.



  1. Thanks, glad you liked the picture.

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