Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | July 5, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

I’ve been thinking recently about things that I like but feel a little embarressed to tell other human beings. So for your pleasure, I give my list of guilty pleasures.

Movie: Austin Powers Series

Yeah Baby!

I’m extremely picky about movies, so for me to like something like Austin Powers it has to be extremely funny and it delivers in spades for me. Let’s face it, the acting in these movies are awful, just pitiful really. The writing excels only when it’s just Mike Myers on the screen, which unfortunately is not the entire movie. Hacks like Beyonce “madealottamoney” Knowles make me cringe when they appear on screen but I can get over it. In fact I can just get over my self and say that for some reason I love these movies.

Books: Star Wars  Sacrifice

<hides> Yeah, I read Star Wars. I’m sure I have over thirty novels. I get every new release. I scourge the message boards for every tasty morsel of new information and endless discussion of the tech, philosophy, and character development. So eventually Han and Leia marry, have twins, and a younger son. Luke marries a bounty hunter named Mara Jade. And Chewie gets blown to one of the nine hells of Correlia when he gets a moon dropped on him. The writing in these books can cover the gamut from elementary( see: The Crystal Star) to absolutely mind-blowingly awesome literature (see: Traitor). Sooo, it’s a gamble every time you read one if its going to be any good. But I love them even though I don’t always mention them to people when I roll out my reading lists…

Music: The Darkness Thumbs up, lets do this....

I’m not sure how I can defend myself here. I loved their pop-metal hooks, infectious melodies, face-melting solos. They were an amazing band. Gone now, but now has two children: Stone Gods and Hot Leg. The latter is a band started by The Darkness’s former frontman: Justin “dave” “turbo””swinger”Hawkins. The album will drop some time this fall. The former is comprised of everyone else that was in The Darkness. I’ve only heard snippets of both, but I will def be watching out for them. And here for your enjoyment, one of my favorite videos from their sophomore and final album “One Way Ticket….To Hell……And Back!”



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  2. i believe you forgot to include a category for games. like yours would read “games: dungeons and dragons.”

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