Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | July 24, 2008

My weekly webcartoon routine

Tonight I just wanted to mention a little bit about the webcomics that I read weekly. In some ways it’s like your favorite tv show every week. Most of these comics update more than once a week, some Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Some, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. And have such strange schedules that you are better looking for patterns in static than finding a patteren to their updates.

Penny Arcade.

Ah, what can be said about Penny Arcade that has not already been shouted at the tops of hypothetical message board lungs. It’s a comic for the video game generation and all that entails. Internet culture included, this comic pokes fun at everything that at least someone on the interwebs has been called a fanboy(or girl) for. The misadventures of Gabe and Tycho, it’s a great look at news ripped straight from the headlines in hilarious bite sized chunks.”

Starslip Crisis

This is a really great comic. Written and Drawn by Kris Straub, this is a great story about a bumbling Captain on an old luxury space ship that has been retrofitted into a flying museum. The dialouge is great in these, and the artwork is a perfect fit for the quirky story and characters the universe presents. ”


A comic about romance, sarcasm, math, and language. These crudely drawn stick figures have amazing insight on all that it means to be human. Don’t worry if you find a comic that has some joke about math that you will never get, eventually you’ll find a strip that hits you so hard it hurts.”

Questionable Content

Probably my favorite webcomic right now, QC creator Jeph Jacques has made a comic that will blow you away with the depth of it’s characters. The story starts off simply enough, boy meets girl in bar. She goes home with him to play video games . Girl stresses she’s only looking for a friend. Girl’s apartment burns down. Girl moves in with boy. Still friends. Boy falls in love with girl. Still friends. Insert many misadventures anywhere from crazy robot laser to masked vigilantes roaming the streets. Still friends. Girl’s best friend and boss falls in love with boy. Girl tells boy that he’s been wasting his time waiting on her, claiming she’s not ready to be in a relationship right now. Girl’s boss starts dating boy. Boy falls in loves with girl’s boss. Still friends. Girl starts to regret how she handled the situation. And honestly, that’s the short version. I left out 90% of the rest of the cast and the millions of jokes and references to obscure indie bands no one listens to. It’s amazing just to look how the art has progressed in the 1000+ strips thats been done over the past few years.”

The Abomidible Charles Christopher

This is one of the most amazing pieces of art I’ve ever seen. Not only does the comic look incredible, the story seems so fresh yet reassuring and familar. I really just encourage you to read for yourself and let it wow you with it’s content.”

Anders loves Maria

I’ve already mentioned this comic once on my blog, and I wish I could mention it everyday. It’s a beatiful comic about what it really means to grow up. Set in Sweden, it focuses on a photographer and his newly pregnant wife. It’s one of those comics that you can’t help but feel attached to.”

The Adventures of Dr. McNinja

A story about a doctor who is also a ninja. Honestly, I don’t know how else I can convince you to read it. For me, that was all it took to get hooked.”

The Order of the Stick

The first comic I started reading regularly, the Order of the Stick is set in a Dungeons and Dragons world where all the rules just seem to exist in everyday life for the adventuring party the story follows. While at first starting out in a arbitrary dungeon making jokes about obscure rules and overused gaming stereotypes, the story has progressed into something that would be a diservice to call it anything less than epic. Honestly, the story is huge if you just now start reading. But don’t let that disassuade you, it’s well worth the hours you’ll spend gorging yourself into the story.”


Probably one of the least reguraly updated comics on my queue, Kukiburi is….well…it’s kinda know when…hmm. actually I have no idea what it’s about. I do know its has fantabulous artwork and witty dialouge to match. I really think that you would be better off just going and reading through than trying to listen to me bumble my way through the story when I, my self, am not really sure what the heck it is about.”


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