Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | July 25, 2008


I really wasn’t sure what to blog about tonight, so I decided to do something a little different and post a song I wrote today. Just a few minutes ago in fact.

The thing that I am most proud of in this song is the chord progression. Of course that’s the part of the song I cant really blog since I’m not really sure of the names of the chords I am using. I’m think its something like this: Aadd9 C#7 Am7add9 Dmaj7 Dm Fmaj7 Gmaj7. Whew. And honestly, I think thats right. But I’m never really sure about these things. Anyways here is the song.

Your heart
like spoiled milk
falls apart
dry your tears
don’t cry
you’re not dead yet

When the barrel is
in your face
the trigger anxious
the hammer waits
a tiny move
is all it takes

The dancer slips
breaks her neck
the ambulance squeals
a dopplar effect
don’t turn away
she’s not dead yet

The radio sings
an old love song
the melody haunts
out the speaker cone
forces you
to go back home

She loves the spell
of dying trees
warmer days
and an autumn breeze
the truth of it
brought her to her knees



  1. that last stanza thingy blah blah was in that fbook message you sent me!
    glad to see you used it!
    this is lovely, milky butt!
    i wish i were more creative…
    seems like it doesn’t take much for you to write a song.
    and here i am…
    been working for weeks and have nothing good yet.

  2. It takes plenty for me to write a song. practice mostly. Looking at it now, I can see some things I can change so it will make more sense and be more cohesive as a story. First, change the pronouns so it fits the third person perspective established in the last stanza, and then, correct the typo in the last line. Ha. It’s supposed to be “smell” not “spell”. Although both work. 🙂

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