Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | July 27, 2008


Have you ever sat in your room when it’s so quiet that the inherent silence starts to build in a feedback loop that eventually reaches an ear splitting volume, but as soon as you notice it, it just disappears. Like the air was just vacuumed out of the room. Leaving nothing but the silence again.

I have to be awake in 5 hours

I recorded that song that I posted yesterday. I think it turned out really cool. I’m really confused about the melody now. When I was recording, I did a string/pad/synth part and while it sounds pretty cool on its own, when I tried singing over it, it just sort of muddied everything up.

So after I got fed up with that, for no reason at all I recorded Coldplay’s Fix You. It turned out REALLY cool. It doesn’t sound exactly like the song, but that’s the point of a cover….right? Actually, I think I’m being self deprecating, because it does sound really similar to the original. I haven’t gone after the vocals yet. Partly because I couldn’t remember the lyrics and I didn’t want to exit out of everything just to go to firefox to find them. And partly because that four part harmony at the end is going to take awhile to figure out. I guess if I can just see what note they each start on, I’ll be able to figure out the rest. It doesn’t seem to move around the melody very much. A very classical harmonization.

I’m tired of my electric being tuned down a half step. It helped out today. But I think it just got lucky… I know what you’re thinking (maybe). You’re saying to yourself, “what’s the big deal, just tune your freaking guitar”. You don’t understand, this guitar’s bridge is a beast, some crazy licensed Floyd Rose. It has a three piece locking nut, which would help with keeping it in tune, but over the years(7) I’ve lost two of the three locking pieces. It used to be even worse, because I had no idea you are supposed to block the bridge while you tune. So I would tune E, then A, then D, then back to A, then back to E, then D, then G, then back to A, etc etc. It was a never ending loop. Well that’s not true, really it would end when I would roar with disgust and chunk it out the window.

Brandong’s gonna kill me when I’m an hour late tomorrow. Darn you late night comedy specials!!!

Um still no job. Sad panda.

Blake got an upright from his parent’s house, but it’s way out of tune. I was gonna help him tune it tonight but neither of us have the intelligen tools to do it.

Drugs would be nice. Anyone have any drugs?

Last night Courtney, Hali, Mal, Meredith, and my self went to see the Dark Knight again. Oh and Joe and Aly, but it was packed and stuff so they couldn’t sit by us. Courtney met us there after work and I drove the mom-mobile with the girls. Quite the experience. Was reminded by Meredith about the time we went to prom. She drove and as she was getting on the interstate she casually remarked,” I’ve never driven on the interstate before”. Suffice to say, I freaked out. Unfortunately it wasn’t as dangerous as I thought, she only meant she had never driven on the interstate in her new car. I dunno, I really had forgotten about it, and I still don’t remember it happening. But it sounds like something I would do. Whether I was actually freaked out or not, overreaction is a funny and endearing quirk of mine. Or so I’ve been told.

Ashley and Emma have blogs now. Links are over there —>

I’ve been drawing a lot more lately. It’s surprising what practice can do for you. I’m the type of person who, if I can’t do something well without any work, I usually just give up. There have been some notable exceptions. Just look at my guitar playing. I’ve had to work a lot just to not suck, much less do it “well”. Anyways, the drawing has been going well. And as a bonus I’m learning a lot of cool stuff in Photoshop just messing around with it.

Emma wants to write songs. I’ve been trying to help out as much as I can. It’s been really eye opening for my self. Probably not for her so much. But, I’ve learned some interesting things about my process of writing songs. I still don’t have any sort of process for writing music, that just comes. But when I force my self to write lyrics there are certain things that I do. I’m not going put that stuff down in this post, but eventually I’m really excited about writing out some long-winded essay about how to force yourself to be creative. Honestly the easiest way to be creative is covering your tracks while you’re stealing someone else’s stuff.

Memo to self: “you say honestly a lot while you are typing, but not so much while you are speaking. I think it has something to do with reading Harry Potter. Have you noticed reading “honestly” a lot in your readings? Maybe it’s just because you think it sounds funny in an English accent.”

Contemplating staying up all night and just not going to bed. Might feel less like crap tomorrow.

I need to work on my skillz as a blogger. I think that not only did I just make a bazillion typos, but I’m also not happy with the “voice” that I write with. Most of the time I like the way I write. It tends to mirror my speaking patterns and quirks. But on this blog, most of the time it seems so sterile and lame. I’ll work on it.


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