Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | August 12, 2008

Firefox Add-ons

Since I did write up on free stuff that I use all the time, I thought it would be prudent for me to also list the Firefox add-ons I use. (also free!)

Not sure what order to list these in. Alphabetical seems the easiest.

Adblock plus: Gets rid of annoying banners. Really great little thing. Just set it and forget it.

Chatzilla: A add-on that allows you to chat in IRC rooms on the net.

Download Helper: It looks for media on the current page and allows you to download it. Great for grabbing music and videos.

Easy Gestures. Shift+Middle mouse click for a radial menu containing quick shortcuts for navigating webpages. I especially like the “up one level on a page” button.

Facebook toolbar: toolbar with quick links to Facebook stuff. Can update your status from it. It will also popup a window in the bottom right of your screen of your feed from your friends.

Feed Sidebar: Click the toolbar button to open a sidebar that shows all your RSS feeds. I LOVE this add-on. Unfortunately I’ve stopped using it because there seems to be a bug that allows memory leaks. Leave Firefox on too long with it running and the RAM usage gets up in the 200mb range. Once they fix this problem I will start using it again immediately.

Firefox Showcase: Press the button, it explodes all your tabs with thumbnail previews of each. Good for people like me that have lots of tabs open at a time.

Foxy Tunes: This add on will dock inside a toolbar on at the top or bottom of your screen. It lets you control your music program without leaving Firefox. It is run of those things that I don’t need, but is still helpful and cool.

Google Notebook: This is nice for all kinds of stuff. Just a small note-taking app inside of Firefox. Click the button, opens a small window with a wordprocessor inside. Currently I’m using it to compile songs to be used in a rap playlist…

Twitterfox: Use to update to twitter, and to keep track of other people’s updates. as they show in a small pop up on the bottom right of my screen. Probably my favorite and most used add-on recently.

I planned on linking to all of these, but I changed my mind. Google them. All should be very easy to find. As a note, these are all Firefox add-ons. So they will require that you have Firefox to use them. (duh)

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