Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | August 13, 2008


I just feel really off today. Woke up this morning sweating with a fever.

I’m excited Lee will be back soon. Looking forward to this Saturday when we will (hopefully) get to jam. A few songs I’m looking forward to playing: Fix You, Typical, every Dashboard song we know.(a lot actually) and I Will Possess Your Heart. I’d like to learn some new ones too.

Today was my sister’s first day back to school. 6th grade.

Since I’ve had a lot of free time recently (Har Har)… I have tried to use it to it’s fullest.  I’ve been reading a lot. In the past week I’ve read, To Kill A Mocking Bird, Prisoner of Askaban, The Killing Joke, and Behind the Glass. I also read all the way up to Iron Man #30, which is the most recent I have. Just because I recently saw the Iron Man movie and it piqued my interest in the character.

Funny how the two biggest super hero movies in recent memory contain characters that actually don’t have any superpowers. I think that’s why Batman has always been one of my favorites. Even though he was constantly surrounded by other heroes with powers far greater than his, he always held his own and then some using just his physicality, technology and wit.

I’ve been writing a bit more the last couple of weeks too. I’ve written a couple songs and recorded one just a couple of days ago.

Signed on to Xbox Live and played Call of Duty 4 for the first time months I think. Subsequently got my butt kicked too. Seemed easier when I was playing everyday.

My lacking skills in drawing have been driving me crazy lately. If I was a little better then I would be posting comics everyday. But I just can’t do them fast enough or good enough for it to be worthwhile. Just gotta keep practicing.

I’ve got no plans and too much time
I feel too restless to unwind
I’m always lost in thought as I walk a block
To my favorite neon sign


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