Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | August 21, 2008

Bama kickoff party ’08

I’m not gonna try to say it any better than what Blake said.

It’s been decided.  Dustin, Courtney, and myself will be having a Bama Football 08 Kickoff Party.  The event will be streamed live on this site.  It will take place next Saturday Night (Aug. 30th) at my home.  I’ve also included a chat box on that page so viewers can interact with us throughout the evening.  We’ve made an agreement that no Aubies are allowed.  I know,  I’m extremely immature.  Sorry.  I’ll let you know more details about watching the live stream as the event gets closer.  My goal is to have more people watching us than actually watching the game.  I feel confident we’ll get those kind of numbers.

So Blake, I have some questions. It is obvious that no AwwBarn  fans are allowed at what I understand to be the biggest party like ever, but are you not even allowing them into the chat room? How are we going to enforce this? What sort of screening process will they go through? A questionnaire? A blood test? Um, dare I say an I.Q. test? That should weed them out quick enough….



  1. They can hang in the chat room all they want and trash talk. I just don’t want them eating our chips and dip

    i admit, im a bama fan always, but considering my bff is now on the team, i feel guilty for not supporting auburn a bit too. im completely torn. i guess i can never really fully commit to anyone but alabama…

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