Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | August 24, 2008

My Constant Rotation

I am such a hypocrite sometimes. I rag on people because they listen to the same songs over and over. But even as I profess to be a connoisseur of diverse musicality, I get in the same habits. For example, I have noticed cycles that I get in musically. And the thing that really makes me a hypocrite is the fact that I listen to the same ten or so albums all the time. Let me make this clear, as of right now I have  32.02 gigs of music on my computer to date, according to Winamp that is 243 hours 39 minutes and 46 seconds. Most of my files are in the FLAC format, which is a lossless compression type. This tends to increase the filesize, but at least I don’t have to listen to the crunchy crappiness that is MP3s. A nifty feature of Winamp is keeping track of the most played songs and stuff. I’m not the type of person who likes to listen to individual songs. In fact this is why I really dislike “best of” CD’s and compilation disks. To me, when I really want to listen to music, I listen to the entire album. Some CD’s are just begging to be listened to in their entirety in one sitting. Dark Side of the Moon comes to mind, as does () by Sigur Ros. So just for giggles, I wanted to list some of my favorite CD’s. I would call this my “passive” list of favorites. Because they are not chosen by careful examination and thought, they are chosen by the sheer fact that they are the ones I listen to the most. So here they are. Alphabetically I think, so as to not hurt feelings.

Ágætis Byrjun – Sigur Ros

The Bends – Radiohead

Blood and Chocolate – Elvis Costello

Born to Run – Bruce Springsteen*

Cassadaga – Bright Eyes

Closer – Joy Division

Donnie Darko OST

Grace – Jeff Buckley

Highway 61 Revisited – Bob Dylan

Hot Fuss – The Killers

I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning – Bright Eyes*

In Between Dreams – Jack Johnson

It Still Moves – My Morning Jacket

The Joshua Tree – U2

Juno OST

Let It Be – The Beatles

Mute Math – Mute Math

OK Computer – Radiohead*

Pinkerton – Weezer

The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most – Dashboard Confessional*

Sam’s Town – The Killers

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band – The Beatles

Siamese Dream –  The Smashing Pumkins

Transatlanticism – Death Cab for Cutie

The White Album – The Beatles*

You Forget it in People – Broken Social Scene*

Whew. That was a long list. *Asterisk* denotes almost daily playing. So there you go. I’ve never explained what I do at the end of posts sometimes. Sometimes I leave some lyrics right at the end. Well It’s one of the songs I heard while I was writing. If you go back to my older post I can promise you that you will find those lyrics in one of the albums I’ve listed above. Maybe one day I’ll start writing some reviews about some of my favorite music. Until next time true believers. Excelsior!

Hey, come on over
You know the day is going slower.
It takes a year to make a day
And I’m feeling like a float in a Macy’s Day parade,
Or like a boat, out on the ocean
I’m drifting round in slow motion.



  1. Your music tastes are very, very similar to mine. Who knew that someone else would listen to Donnie Darko’s soundtrack, Ok Computer, Pinkerton, Siamese Dream, Agætis Byrjun, and You Forget it in People?

    As a suggestion, listen to Horses in the Sky, by A Silver Mt. Zion

  2. Yay for similarity! I will check it out.

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