Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | August 26, 2008

Depth Chart

The official depth chart for the Clemson game was I guess released yesterday. It is as follows:

QB: Wilson, McElroy, Jackson OR Darrah
TB: Coffee, Ingram OR Grant, Upchurch
FB: Huber, Griffin
X-WR: J. Jones, Alexander, C. Jackson, Gibson
Z-WR: McCoy, Maze, Stover
SLOT: McCoy, B.J. Scott, Hanks
TE: McCall, Walker, Underwood, Dial OR Smelley
C: Caldwell, Cardwell OR Vlachos
LG: M. Johnson, Motley
RG: M. Davis, D. Ross
LT: A. Smith, B. Jones OR Love
RT: D. Davis, Boswell OR Pharr
DE: Greenwood, Washington, Talbert, Billingsley
DE: Deaderick, Davis OR Dareus
NT: Cody, Chapman, Square
SAM: Reamer, J. Harris OR C. Williams
MIKE: McClain, Higgenbotham, P. Hall (suspended)
WILL: Hightower, C. Jordan, Hester
JACK: Fanney, Anders, Upshaw
LCB: Arenas, M. Johnson, A. Lawrence
RCB: K. Jackson, Rogers OR R. Green
SS: Woodall, Barron
FS: R. Johnson, Sharrief OR T. King
PK: Tiffin, C. Smith
P: Fitzgerald, H. Thomas
PR: Arenas, J. Jones
KR: Arenas and J. Jones

HLD: Fitzgerald
SNAP: Selman

Just a few thoughts. HOLY CRAP Julio Jones. It is a complete no brainer to start him as a freshman. He may be gone his junior year anyways, so it is prudent that we get as much use out of him as possible. It is John Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson’s last year, and it seems that most people think that he will have a great one. While there is a lot of question marks all over the team, it’s hard to look at them and say there is a problem spot anywhere. There are stud players all over both sides of the ball. Watch out for Hightower and Cody to have a big impact on the defense this year. Both are first year, Hightower a freshman and Cody JUCO.

5 days. Roll Tide. Stream

btw, great breakdown of the game at which is a great place to learn about football at any time of the year. I still can’t believe it’s gameweek.



  1. is this post an indication that I will have no interest in any of your posts for the next few months?

  2. I would say that is an accurate assessment.

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