Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | September 2, 2008

Google Chrome

I downloaded Google Chrome today. It is Google’s open source answer to Internet Explorer. You may be saying to your self now, “Wait, isn’t that Firefox?”. Well, from my little experience with Chrome so far it seems that Firefox is the clear choice right now, but maybe not for long.

The first thing I noticed with Chrome was the interface. Like, most Google products, it has a clean, simplistic look to it. The obvious addition to a Google branded browser is the intergrated search in the address bar. It seems handy, but it really isn’t the deal breaker for the program. The real advancement comes in something that most of the time you won’t notice. Every tab in Chrome runs on its own process, which means if some plug-in is giving you trouble, instead of crashing the entire browser it will only crash in that one tab. The trade off is a slightly higher memory footprint, but it is a small price to pay for stability.

The things that turn me off about chrome are the things that I’m sure will be added in future content, and since it is a open source project, waiting for new add-ons and plug-ins shouldn’t be long at all. The only thing right now that is stopping me from switching over immediately is the lack of RSS support. RSS is how I navigate those shifty waters we call the internets, and not having that intergrated with the program like it is in Firefox is something that will cause me to wait until it is included before I make the switch.

Overall I like the ideas of it all, and I of course like the open source part of it. But it is not quite ready for me yet. A few tweaks and I know that it will be a great browser.


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