Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | September 24, 2008

past midnight? check.

Okay, so it’s as of now 12:57. Listening to () by Sigur Rós. Untitled 4. My favorite off the album. First, some context…

Last night I was asleep by 7 o’clock. I honestly don’t have an explanation for that. The two days before I was awake early but besides that…double you tee eff. I woke up at 1 a.m. Couldn’t get back to sleep till around 2:30. Still woke up around 6 this morning. Didn’t go back to sleep after then. So the fact that I am even up this late is frankly…a freaking miracle.

It’s been an interesting week so far even this early. Monday Lee and I had a very rare(for me at least) “productive day”. We spent the morning cruising around in his new car. Henceforth referred to as “Lertola, the Blond Bombshell” (or “the Hobgoblin”). While performing menial chores relating to the purchase of the new car, we had plenty of chances for comedy. The DMV in particular, no I’m not joking. :|. I won’t go into to it because, honestly, it was probably only funny to me anyways, but I will say this; at one point I had to remove myself from the line so I wouldn’t die from trying to hold in a laugh.

Anyways, during all this srs bzns, we planned out a couple of new video projects. One of them(which could possibly be the largest scale video we will have ever attempted) was basically written in our heads while getting coffee. We hit just about every joke we’ll need in about 5 minutes of brainstorming on Starbucks. There’s gotta be something in that coffee….My hypothesis being ambrosia peyote.

My dad and I are in the same fantasy league. As of Sunday night I was within 2 points of him. Then, last night L..T. finally gave me the numbers I drafted him first for and gave me the win over my dad. Granted, this is only the second year my dad has played fantasy football, but this is the man that taught me everything I know about football. Unfortunately I didn’t even find out that I won until today, so I wasn’t able to gloat last night. I was too busy sleeping I suppose.

I’m not where I should be writing music. I think part of that is technical limitations that I can’t help right now, but another part is me not working as hard as I should. Sometimes it’s so much trouble setting up to record I find myself taking shortcuts and being lazy when I should be putting my best effort toward making things sound as good as they can possibly get.

How I hear all the lyrics on (): “You sigh alone, you sigh alone tonight/ You’re so alone, you sigh”. That’s what I hear, I could have a very different take on it than other people though of course.

I miss cell phones with the extendable antenna. Who didn’t love that extra step you took while taking a call? Bad cell reception? Pull that little piece of plastic connected to nothing out a few more inches! WOW! One more bar!.

Reading comments on political blog melt my brain faster than the ark of the covenant. I can’t help but be depressed.

The amount of randomness my blog get’s correlates directly to how late it is at night.

I watched the Heroes premiere today, missed it last night on account of the early sleeping. It was good. As was the House episode tonight I watched at its regularly scheduled time. Felicia Day as a guest star was cool, but I felt she didn’t really get much screentime or depth as a character. The plot focused too much on that annoying P.I. We get it, House really missed Wilson. We are now over it. The medical was a little too vague for me. I like learning when I watch House, not watching people pretend they are a lot smarter than me.

Gosh I’m so tired I’m going to have to quit. I’ll try and finish tomorrow night and talk about a few more things I was planning on blogging on tonight.

I want your flowers like babies want God’s love
Or maybe as sure as tomorrow will come


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