Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | October 4, 2008


So yeah I decided that I would post mine and Blake discussion after the Bama game. It was fun and very entertaining. Hopefully it will be such for you.

[08:49:39PM] ME: ugh, that bama game made me want to vomit
[08:49:49PM] Peaches: me too
[08:49:56PM] Peaches: i had  a really bad feeling about it
[08:50:26PM] ME: and yeah, go vandy
[08:50:45PM] Peaches: I just don’t think we’re as good as we’ve looked at times,  I think Georgia and Clemson were both overated,  I think Texas or Oklahoma would hand it to us right now
[08:51:08PM] Peaches: i mean,  we’re good,  just not  #2  good
[08:51:45PM] ME: hmm i dont know about that
[08:52:01PM] ME: i think it was just a let down game
[08:52:08PM] ME: just like tulane after clemson
[08:52:28PM] ME: saban will get into these next two weeks and we’ll bring it ole miss
[08:53:29PM] Peaches: if you look at our offense though,  the numbers really aren’t that great,  even in the routes against clemson and georgia,  We dominated the games,  but were setup by  penalties and what not,   I think we’re good,  like I said just not 2 in the nation,  ok or tx  would beat us by 2 touchdowns right now
[08:54:27PM] Peaches: our offensive output is no where close to anyone else in the top 5  with the exception of lsu , who is also a bit overrated
[08:54:43PM] ME: i dont believe that
[08:54:46PM] Peaches: we start well,  we just don’t sustain
[08:54:55PM] Peaches: it’s a fact,  i looked it up this week
[08:55:09PM] ME: the offensive output of those teams are that high because of the teams they are playing
[08:55:33PM] ME: lll wait till i see okie play a real defense before i judge their offense
[08:56:19PM] Peaches: auburn has 200 more yards passing than we do,  FACT,  granted they are a spread and we don’t have to throw as much as they have,  but it’s still true
[08:56:49PM] ME: alright, well we have the #1 rushing offense in the sec FACT
[08:56:55PM] ME: different styles
[08:57:04PM] Peaches: i’m just saying we’re not a top 5 offense as a whole
[08:57:23PM] ME: neither is texas for instance
[08:57:28PM] ME: there leading rusher?
[08:57:30PM] ME: the qb
[08:57:36PM] Peaches: the sec is down this year,  that’s my whole point
[08:57:36PM] ME: their
[08:58:03PM] Peaches: we are much better than last year,  but  FL ,  GA,  AU,  and LSU  are all worse
[08:58:10PM] Peaches: and TN
[08:58:16PM] ME: the powerhouses are down, but i think as a whole the sec is better
[08:58:25PM] Peaches: not even close
[08:59:10PM] Peaches: i still think we’re the best all around conference top to bottom,  just not as top strong as last year
[08:59:18PM] Peaches: not even close
[08:59:25PM] Peaches: in other words
[08:59:36PM] ME: well its all a point of view, you either give credit to state, ole miss, kentucky sc and vandy or you take away credit from the top
[08:59:41PM] ME: i tend to go with the former
[09:01:22PM] Peaches: our top 3 teams last year could beat anyone in the country pretty much,   our top 3 this year,  well;  we have one top 5 in the bunch and the rest are borderline top 10 teams
[09:02:15PM] Peaches: it’s like this  right now,  TX, OKL,  or Mizz  would be anyone in the SEC  without much of an issue
[09:02:20PM] ME: i def think the gap has closed between the best and the worst in the sec, i just think both have gone toward the middle
[09:02:24PM] Peaches: beat
[09:02:34PM] ME: no i dont think so at all
[09:02:37PM] Peaches: thats what i’m saying
[09:02:37PM] ME: esp mizz
[09:02:54PM] ME: they have no d whatsever nor have they faced one
[09:03:13PM] ME: they would get eaten up but half the teams in the conference
[09:03:19PM] ME: by
[09:03:47PM] ME: tex and okla are more of a throw up, but i dont think the gap is as large as you think
[09:04:07PM] Peaches: they are routing neb right now,  who’ coach “Pelini”  said his defense at NEB this year is “much” better than the LSU national championship defense from last year,  that he coached
[09:04:33PM] ME: and you think he would say any less about his team?
[09:04:55PM] ME: lsu defense was what it was last year because of talent, not coaching
[09:05:03PM] ME: obviously
[09:05:19PM] Peaches: i mean,  Saban says all the time that this AL team doesn’t have the consistency etc… that his LSU team had
[09:05:56PM] ME: thats because saban is like 10x the harda$$ peleni is
[09:06:39PM] Peaches: i just don’t want to get my hopes up,  I don’t think we can play with the best right now,  everyone is pumped cause we beat GA and Clem  who were both overrated,  thats all
[09:07:05PM] ME: i agree that they were overrated, but they had talent and we shut the talent out
[09:07:18PM] Peaches: i mean,  those are good teams,  just not as good as people thought
[09:08:10PM] ME: heres the thing though, if any other team would have went into georgia and there blackout, do you think any of them would have the game we did?
[09:08:13PM] ME: i dont
[09:08:19PM] ME: not the first half we did
[09:10:16PM] Peaches: well we have a familiarity with GA that most teams don’t,  being in the SEC etc… but  I think the final score again  TX,  OKLA,  or MIZZ  is 14 or more,  and thats better than us,  with us playing one perfect half
[09:11:05PM] ME: nope
[09:11:17PM] ME: we should have a radio show
[09:12:01PM] ME: peaches and milky butt in the morning
[09:12:07PM] Peaches: lol
[09:12:16PM] Peaches: did you watch  tx and ark last week
[09:12:25PM] ME: yep
[09:12:52PM] Peaches: our win over them didn’t compare
[09:13:41PM] ME: you gotta take that into context though
[09:13:45PM] Peaches: what was the final score when we played them,  and yeah,  I know we beat them in  fayetteville  and what not,  but usually when a team comes off a big loss,  they follow it with a good or at least mediocre game
[09:14:12PM] ME: there was only 6 total points difference in that game
[09:14:22PM] ME: and  they were at texas
[09:14:27PM] Peaches: wrong
[09:14:30PM] Peaches: 20 pts
[09:14:48PM] Peaches: we had two defensive touchdowns,
[09:15:06PM] ME: a touchdown is a touchdown
[09:15:11PM] Peaches: i’m just saying our offensive output doesn’t compare
[09:15:12PM] ME: a w is a w
[09:15:32PM] ME: we also had second and third string out late
[09:15:35PM] ME: texas didnt
[09:15:43PM] Peaches: yeah they did
[09:16:09PM] Peaches: starting in like the 3rd quarter,  ours weren’t out there until  late in the 4th
[09:17:28PM] ME: alright, well im looking at stats and the backup qb threw 4 passes? completed all but still…
[09:17:32PM] Peaches: dude,  nebraska’s defense is not bad,  i mean,  they’re not lights out,  but  MIZZU is moving the ball at will
[09:18:29PM] ME: im not putting down their offense, but they havent seen a great pash rush defense
[09:18:41PM] ME: and their defense looks like high school
[09:18:48PM] Peaches: true
[09:19:03PM] Peaches: think about this
[09:19:53PM] Peaches: FLA was only beating ark  by 7  with 8min in the game and then ark had a come apart,  that tells you that FLA is no were near what they were last year
[09:21:56PM] ME: yeah, i see that as more of a breakdown of fla offense than their team as a whole
[09:22:45PM] ME: i think there was a gimmickyness to their o last year and this year they are a little exposed
[09:23:30PM] Peaches: TN beat  N ill   13-9
[09:23:53PM] ME: leave it to tenn to make everyone in the sec look bad
[09:24:07PM] ME: gosh, i hope phil stays there forever

So first of all, who won? I admit, I got pwned during the texas arkansas part, but I feel like I debated well the rest… And just to clarify a point I made, the Bama-Ark score was 14-49, the Tex-Ark score was 10-52. So I took the difference of 14 and 10, which is 4 and the difference of 49 and 52 which is 3. So the total difference in score was 7 points…right? I subtracted wrong in my head and said 6, but 20? I don’t know where blake came up with that. And let’s be honest, there is barely any difference between allowing a touchdown or a field goal in a blow out. Nor is there adding another field goal in a blowout. I see them as two very similar scores. I can’t defend my saying that they still had starters out late. I’m not really sure what I was thinking.

My next question, would you listen to Blake and I debate football? We haven’t done a podcast in a very long time, maybe a football centric show would be entertaining.



  1. i wouldn’t listen, cause i don’t like to hearing myself talk

  2. If you said “i don’t like to hearing myself talk” on there i wouldn’t listen to you either.

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