Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | November 12, 2008

And this is how culture ends…

[00:04] prelude2nr97: just because its in the bible doesnt make it good
[00:04] prelude2nr97: jackass is in there too
[00:04] jbask27: I know mr. faulkner
[00:04] jbask27: I was just surprised
[00:05] jbask27: and I wanted to share that with you
[00:05] jbask27: you know what….. command+Q
[00:06] prelude2nr97: alright alright
[00:06] prelude2nr97: apple+z
[00:05] jbask27: that was nice
[00:06] jbask27: you don’t have to be so ctrl+option+apple+8
[00:06] prelude2nr97: if i had more shift+4 i wouldnt
[00:07] jbask27: dude… shift+4 is where its shift+2

If you can translate, you win the internet.



  1. translation= Dustin and Joe have discovered and explained the meaning of life and its secrets.

    and that, my friends, means Alyson has won the internet.

  2. Wrong. You lose. Try again soon.

    And duh, everyone already knows the meaning of life and all it’s secrets. It’s 42

  3. pshh whatev…..anyway… i hope your car gets to feeling better:)

  4. ok so it really means that Dustin needs some money so he can be cool like Joseph. Now i win.

  5. Low blow Alyson…

  6. Oh i’m so sorry Dustin!! Didn’t mean it to be meanish….. just desperately trying to be cool in the eyes of Dustin the Great by translating his convo.

    But now Joe has to pay you…..sooo it works…. kinda.

    sorry for the damage i did to your heart.

  7. some 42 might help that.

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