Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | November 22, 2008

The Killers – Day and Age – Review

Day and age was released on Itunes in Japan a few days ago, and I got my hands(and ears) on it last night. Been listening nonstop since then. Probably heard it all the way through around 6 times. I think I have a pretty good handle on it now. So I think I’m going to review it. I’ve never really done an album review, at not in depth. So I’m going to go song by song and tell you what I thought about it.

Losing Touch
The album starts off with a David Bowie like song driven with horns and changing keyboard sounds like they are going out of style. One of the strongest sounding songs on the album. Brandon Flowers’ voice sounds full and comfortable. Dave Keuning made me think he had found his guitar sound on the first song and had me excited. Unfortunately the guitar wasn’t as prominant on the other songs as it was on the opener. Still, the lead at the end was a high point in the album and it had barely gotten started

The delayed guitar track that gently opens the song deftly prepares you for this full blown 80’s new wave anthem. Some of my favorite lyrics on the album. “And sometimes I get nervous/ When I see an open door/Close your eyes /Clear your heart…/Cut the cord” and then the song goes head first into a giant arena-shaker.

This is what would happen if David Bowie was writing lyrics for Freddie Mercury and Queen. Everything about this song is big. This is “Somebody Told Me” in a happier key and without the attitude. It’s one of my favorite songs. The “oh oh oh’s” at the beginning is the funnest part of the album.

Joy Ride
“The best Bryan Ferry song that Bryan Ferry never wrote.”, MusicRadar says. A very funky song with a Rolling Stones sax in the turn-arounds, stinging guitars breaks that tear through the choruses and a melody that hooks you on the first listen. The bridge is one of the most exciting parts of the album. Breathtaking

A Dustland Fairytale
I feel like these are the strongest lyrics Flowers has written. A very concrete narrative with a melody that keeps it in your head.

Change came in disguised of revelation
Set his soul on fire
She said she’d always knew he’d come around
And the decades disappear like sinking
Ships we persevere God gives us hope
But we still fear
We don’t know
The mind is poison castle in the sky
Sit stranded vandalized
The draw bridge is closing

By the time of the second chorus the song is in all its splendor, BIG SONG.

This Is Your Life
Tribal chanting, bass, and a harpsichord strangely start the song, but it turns in to yet again a spacey but driving track. The verse melody keeps simple throughout most of the song, but it adds to the drowsy effect the song has, a very intoxicating song.

I Can’t Stay
A track from the South Pacific, with Caribbean rhythms that features sax, harp and a gently strummed acoustic guitar. A very relaxing slacker type song, but a dramatic middle-eight makes you sit up and say, “Hey, this is a great song!” Steel drums come in at the end to send the song out in style.

Neon Tiger
In an interview Flowers said that they were trying write a MGMT song. While the lyrics may indeed channel the duo, the song sounds more like if U2 dropped acid. Again, The Killers shine in the bridge. It’s where they are the most dramatic, and that works beautifully for them. The song ends sparsely with a delicate melody.

The World We Live In
This song is all the Flowers. The double tracked voice sounds absolutely amazing. I’m not joking, the best sounding doubletrack since some of the Beatles stuff. Oh yeah, they INVENTED IT. The band has said that one of their infulences is Lou Reed, and you can definitely hear it best in this song.

Goodnight, Travel Well
Is this song a nod to U2’s closer “Love Is Blindness” on their masterpiece Achtung Baby!? Maybe. It is definitely the darkest song that the band has ever written. And like “Love Is Blindness”, the song starts on a dark note. Yet, by the end it makes you wonder if you can maybe see the faint light out of the tunnel.

Bottom line, I see maturity and poise from the band’s third album. Not only is it The Killers best album, it’s the best album this year.


  1. from perceiving your awareness and respect for the rule of thirds, I was surprised to see your banner divided evenly in the very center… I understand now you are being limited by the template… haha, j/k.

  2. If you notice, disregarding the middle divider, I follow the rule quite well.

  3. hmm. i love the killers, so i had to check this blog out. i will definitely have to check out the new album now, but i do have one argument. you say this is “the best album this year”, butttt have you heard the new Kings of Leon? FABULOUS

  4. I haven’t heard it. So maybe there’s a chance it’s not the best album this year. Top 5 behind Day and Age:
    Death Cab for Cutie-Narrow Stairs
    My Morning Jacket-Evil Urges
    Sigur Rós-Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust
    TV on the Radio-Dear Science

  5. I totally agree this is the best killers albulm to date and that is saying as the last two were terrific especially sams town. Its one of those abulm where there is no weak song at all.spaceman is an amazing song and human will be a famouse song 4 decades great job killers.

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