Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | December 7, 2008

…capable of launching SKYnet

I’m building a computer for myself for Christmas. Here is a list of all the components I’m getting.




Video Card

Ram x2


Keyboard & Mouse



OS – Vista home premium 64bit

Stock specs should be around a 3ghz core 2 duo 6mb of L2 cache, mobo able to run a 1600 fsb, 8gigs of ram, a ati radeon hd 4830 with 512mb ram @256 bit, vista home premium @ 64 bit, a TB of harddrive space adding in my already owned 500gig, a 10in/10out audio interface I also already own, and a freaking sweet case with key locks, a swinging door, and a 500watt psu.

Price: $301 for the mobo and cpu, ordered it Friday.  $660 for everything else.

Final price at around 990.  I’ll be splitting the cost with my parents as my christmas present.

I’ll end up with a native recording rig capable of hanging with the big studios at a fraction of the costs they might pay. <cough cough Apple cough>

I think I’ll have fun with it a bit building it, and try to document the whole process. Eric and I will also be building a computer, so I’ll try to get that down on here too.



  1. nice… proud for you. don’t forget antivirus software.

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