Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | January 11, 2009

Windows 7

Trying out the Windows 7 beta, here are a few random thoughts as I make my way around it.

* First impression: well my first is impression is HOLY CRAP NEED VIDEO CARD DRIVERS. Because my screen rez was all messed up and stretched. Buuuut, a quick trip to ATI and the 64 bit vista drivers are working fine.

* The taskbar at the bottom is all kinds of cool. Context menu’s dependent on the program? Niiiice.

* Hmm. While I was looking for where to set up my tablet, I came across the device screen. Very cool. All of your devices are listed by a graphic representation of the device. Right clicking gives you a context menu listing commonly used tasks associated with it. Sorta like the autoplay thing that pops up when you insert a new USB device for instance.

* Before installing, I noticed a lot of people mentioning how much faster 7 seemed to be compared to Vista. Not really noticing that. Although I’ve yet to Vista slow down on my machine yet. There’s not a huge difference in speed between lightspeed and slightly slower than lightspeed. At least, none I can detect.

* Ah, here’s something kinda cool. I have pen flicks turned on in Vista, which I love. I use my tablet exclusively with firefox now. But in Vista the pen flicks work like page up and page down. It just pages down. In 7, there’s a subtle animation when it pages up and down. Not a huge thing, but it does make browsing more of a please I’ve noticed. Occasionally it’s a little disorienting in Vista. The animation helps you keep your eyes where you were looking last.

* I’ve yet to see a UAC window pop-up. It’s one thing that doesn’t really bother me in Vista, but I know a lot of people hate it.

* Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Installation was a breeze. It was totally done in maybe an hour I guess?

* Hmm. M audio delta driver for my sound card doesn’t work. At least I don’t know how to make it work. Built in audio from my motherboard is working fine.

* Just realized that I haven’t mentioned my new computer I got for xmas on my blog yet. Well, there you go. It’s new. It’s awesome. Gigabyte ep45 mobo. Intel core 2 duo 3gHz cpu. 8 gigs of ram. 1TB of total harddrive space. Radeon hd4830 512mb video card. Antec sonata III case. blah blah and a bunch of other awesome stuff.

Alright I’m tired. I’ll blog some more about it when I explore more.


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