Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | January 24, 2009

A Failed Experiment

So today I tried to keep an hourly journal of what I was doing. I know that this is what twitter is supposed to be for, but I would rather keep twitter for sending out stupid links and making astute observations on life. Unfortunately, the world doesn’t hang upon my every activity. Well, I should have already said this, I tried to do the hourly journal, but I failed. around 2:00 p.m. I totally forgot about it and went on with my day. Anyways, I figured I would go ahead and post it.

The inspiration to do this just sort of hit me.  While the activity in itself  isn’t very creative, hopefully this sort of mundane writing of my day to day life will allow me to help keep track of what sort of things happen to me every day. I think too often these days, my “living”, while being very slow, is forgotten by me a little bit more every day. And then, looking back, it seems like everything was going really fast. So I thought if I wrote things down, everything would slow up a bit. I’m going to try to do this for now on. Maybe I can make it a whole day next time.

Jan 23 2:06 am

I’m sitting here reading. I’m not tired at all, but I keep drifting.

I burped and it tasted like vomit.

Jan 23 9:30

Just woke up.

My Aunt came over then left with my mom to go get their hair done. They are going to see The Eagles tomorrow in Birmingham.

I secretly find this hilarious.

Jan 23 10:47

Listening to Rivers Cuomo.

I’m letting the internet catch me back up on the happenings of the world.

I just realized Joseph called me like 3 times last night. I hope it wasn’t important.

Jan 23 11:15

I’m watching This Week In Tech with Leo Laporte.@

I am super hungry right now.

Jan 23 12:08 pm

I just went to get the mail. This weather makes me want to go play baseball. Well, maybe not. But it does remind me of playing little league baseball when I was younger. Something about the smell and the humidity. I just know it feels amazing outside.

Jan 23 1:03

Alright. Got something to eat. Recharged. I’m gonna start working on a song now.

Jan 23 1:52

Effity eff eff mother effer. I just realized I missed The Office last night. I’m about to stream it off

And that is sorta where I left off. Kinda lame I know. Just when the story was getting good too…


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