Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | February 2, 2009


Alright Steve, I refuse to open Windows Media Player and since Winamp burns so slowly, I am forced to use Itunes to burn my sister some cd’s and also to upload music to her I-pod.



Why the eff do I have to create a whole playlist everytime I want to burn a CD. HOLY CRAP DOES THIS GET ON MY NERVES. At the very least, make a context menu or hotkey that lets me make a playlist from a selection instead of having to create and name a playlist before adding something to it. At least doing it my way will allow it to autoname a playlist if I’m burning a whole album. EVERY OTHER MEDIA PLAYER IN THE KNOWN UNIVERSE DOES THIS BETTER.


God I hate it so hard. I want to browse my music in this order: Artist – Album – Song. While I can sort by Artist, it still lists every freaking song that artist has. I just want a list of artists. Once I click on the artist I want a list of albums. Once I click on the album I want to see all the songs on the album. IN THE CORRECT EFFING ORDER, instead of  Itunes backwards from some crazy reason. I know an older version of Itunes used to sort the songs by artist but the newest one doesn’t afaik. If any Steve-worshipers knows how to change this it will be appreciated… and then mocked for being so hard to find.

Memory usage

While it doesn’t matter so much now that my computer has gobs of memory, it used to freaking annoy me Winamp was using maybe 10% the amount of memory Itunes was using. Looking at Itunes running now. At idle, it and all of the programs that come with it(ituneshelper.exe, Ipodfinder.exe) it’s at 70,000KB. Winamp actually PLAYING music is at 30,000KB. Double You Tee Eff Mate. Like I said before, no big deal now, but on my old computer it was totally unacceptable.

Now Playing

Who in there right minds decided that Itunes shouldn’t have a now playing menu. I have to look through my entire library to see whats playing. I could look  at the top of the screen, but oh wait apple decided it was better for me to know what songs are having their album artwork updated instead of telling me what fraking(sic) song is playing.

Screw you iTunes.

I’ll give apple a little bit of slack though, if I was to buy a dedicated portable music player now, I’d probably get an Ipod. Not a touch, at least not until they have at least 80gb of space. So I would go with the classic. It does what it should pretty well. There are quirks I dont like about it, but that would be the same for practically any other MP3 player on the market. I still dig my 40gb Creative Zen Jukebox I got in 10th grade. It’s still going strong, though I never use it anymore. I have my most listened to music on my Blackberry and that works out most of the time.



  1. nice job… just post something ridiculous so people will come to your blog… j/k, haha. you should get an ipod and then you can look at Artists – Albums – Songs.

  2. I didn’t have to read much to realize you have no idea how to operate iTunes. Plenty of grandmas that buy their little white MacBooks do just fine. Gosh Dustin… it’s the #1 way people purchase and manage music. And what idiot doesn’t have another way to listen to music while he or she runs a memory intensive program. Better yet, on average, how many people do you think use their computer for anything more than email, browsing, photos, and music? Your argument about your “gobs” of DDR2 memory is totally useless. Consider your audience… we are somewhat up-to-date. And “effing”… really?

    • I have no idea how to operate itunes? Enlighten me oh priest of Steve. Explain to me how to properly operate itunes. Is there a way to fix my issue with the playlists? No there isn’t. Is there a way to properly organize my library? No there isn’t. Oh but you have a solution for my issue with it’s memory problem: “listen to music another way”. Okay, done. Winamp.

      Also bringing in statistics about the average computer user is unrelated. I didn’t say that I thought the vast majority of people thought itunes sucked, I said I had a problem with it. So other peoples situation matter little to the argument.

      BTW, #1 way people purchase and manage music? Source? Oh lookie here I found one. Most recent survey shows itunes with less than half the users of Windows Media Player. And it only overtook Realplayer in sales last January! REALPLAYER! I didn’t even know they made that anymore. But that’s not relative to the argument either really, cause I hate WMP just as much as I hate iTunes.
      One thing you said is kinda close to being true. It is the #2 way of purchasing music across all boards including retail. Which, I give all the credit in the world to. It without a doubt revolutionized the way music is distributed. I’ve bought music off iTunes, and it was a delight. Super simple. BUT, once it came to playing that music iTunes is total fail.

      I’ll say one more thing about the memory usage. iTunes seems to run much more efficiently in an Apple OS, but I’m sure the Windows devolopers that work at Apple aren’t exactly a priority.

      Links to other people(and an Apple guy) who hate iTunes.


  3. You are the reason I regretted making humans in the first place. There are those who are total wastes of time and space.

  4. MediaMonkey.

  5. Thanks Randy, I’m digging mediamonkey. I’m also trying out Songbird, Mozilla’s open-source alternative. It has some really cool, intuitive features, but the interface is a total rip-off of iTunes. But some of the media finding tools included might make it worthwhile.

  6. NICE. Since Songbird is open-source(something Apple will never get), there are plenty of customization options on the web and I can get Songbird to look like pretty much anything.

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