Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | February 12, 2009

New Desktop

Since I’ve  gotten my new computer, I’ve kept my Vista desktop pretty stock. I’ve rotated backgrounds like any normal person, I’ve even experimented with some virtual desktop managers <google 3d cube desktop>. But on the whole, It’s been pretty grounded. After watching a documentary on typefaces and design, I really was inspired to create something. I’ve been doing some Flash stuff, desperately trying to learn Actionscript, but I wasn’t getting any kind of immediate feedback. No results.

Anyways, to my original point; Using a program called Rainmeter, I customized the look of my desktop with a text clock, real time weather, rss feeds, and a performance feedback thingamajig. I say I made these, but no, I didn’t create the code, just modified the fonts and colors a bit. This, combined with Objectdock and Launchy<see archive for little bit on those programs> create a really nice, clean, useable desktop.



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