Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | February 18, 2009

Oregon Trail

I just saw this imagined monologue a guy wrote about a man, his son, and Oregon Trail.

Here is a tiny snippit.

The first sign something was wrong was when I watched you choose the banker as your occupation to start a game. The banker? Really? Were you not aware that the banker has no point modifier?

For some time, I managed to convince myself that you preferred the banker simply because his vast resources allowed you to purchase the maximum number of oxen. I was sure that you were attempting to set a speed record of some sort. Of course, I knew that the game limited you to 40 miles a day regardless of the number of oxen, but I thought you would figure that out for yourself. But you weren’t about to figure anything out. Not about Oregon Trail, and not about life.

It brought me back to 6th grade playing Oregon Trail on an old Apple II. Good times. BTW, there is an Iphone app coming out with an updated version of Oregon Trail. So if you are one of THOSE guys, there you go. Linky.


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