Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | March 30, 2009


Started working on a comic without any planning or anything and got stuck. I suppose it’s what I get. I took a similar approach to a short story a few days ago and I thought it turned out pretty well. Lighting doesn’t strike twice though right?

BUUUUUTTTT– some good came out of it I suppose. I figured out some more photoshop-fu that I wasn’t aware of before. Specifically using to folders to specify which layer I apply multiply effects to.

I’m usually a bit more precise with my shading but I kinda like the blockiness of it. Also, I used the burn and dodge tools with a weird brush to do some of the textures, which I’ve never seen anyone do before. Mostly I’ve seen the burn and dodge tools doing shading. But I can’t stand how that looks. Too digital looking or something…



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