Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | April 27, 2009

Writing songs

At one point Emma was in the process of writing some songs and asked me for some tips to help her out. It was one of those thing where I probably learned more from the situation than she did. And that is awesome. I love when that happens. I help out a friend and gain something from it – other than the person’s gratitude of course. Just last week I went to Eric and Keylan’s apartment for a few days and pretty much spent most of my time fixing little techy problems throughout the place. Please don’t misunderstand my tone, I’m not complaining at all. I love that stuff for reals. Not only for the satisfaction of helping out your friends, but with all the knowledge I gained from solving problems.

But back to Emma. So she asked me for help and at one point I sent her a facebook reply to some lyrics she was working on. I’ve been meaning to do a post like this for sometime – on creativity in general, but focusing on how I write songs. Here are some of the tips I sent her.
work on using more metaphors, sometimes the best way to say something is to just say it, but only when you are trying to make a point. a lot of times its best to write things in a metaphor so people will be able to relate easier. say it without saying.

as a direct contradiction to my above statement, when you lay out a story its best to lay off the metaphors…metaphi whatever… um..  when you tell a story make sure it’s actually a story. not just random situation with a vaguely coherent plot. follow the rules of story telling. exposition climax resolution ya know…

it’s perfectly ok to have no idea what you’re talking about in a song. people will at best think you’re cool and ironic and at worst believe you. or maybe those things switched around. im not sure whats worse…

personally im completely unorganized, but i can see the helpfulness(quaintness) of having all of your stuff organized. its too late for me though, im a lost cause. i just have notebook after notebook, that i never finish, strewn throughout my room.

So anybody have any more tips on writing? Or being creative in general?


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