Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | July 20, 2009

kwisatz haderach

So I haven’t been very active on my blog lately. At least not on the outside. I did change my blog header after playing around stuff for a while. On a similar note, I also changed the background on my twitter page: I thought it was sorta clever and I had fun making it. I think that’s the right link. You see that brings me to my next point: probably the only reason I’m doing this post right now is because I’m trying out my new wordpress app on my phone. Its pretty cool, but a simple task on a compy, like grabbing a link is sorta awkward on my phone.

Like I said, on the outside I haven’t really done anything on my blog, but its sorta only half the story. On the behind-the-music episode of my blog you would have seen me start and subsequently quit a good bit of posts. I wrote and rewrote a review of robert plants and allison krauss’s album (that was released last year) a bunch of times. I had a post on helvetica that got trashed, a few different posts on my time at the radio station that I never really finished, and I had a really dumb whiny post about dumb whiny stuff. But trust me, you’re not missing anything by not reading them. Ill give a breakdown on everything right now

That plant and krauss album? Pretty good. Took me a while to get into. The lyrics are pisspoor in some cases, but it’s excusable in the context of bluesy, folk songs. The octave harmonies they sing together are just beautiful, though you get the feeling plant isn’t used to singing with a partner like that. Which is nice, its good to see an established artist that has nothing more to prove stretch himself a bit and get out of his comfort zone.

(Playing right now: elliott smith – miss misery)

Um, what else? If you haven’t seen helvetica then you really should. I was thinking the other day why I liked the documentary so much. I think its because it takes such an objective look at the subject using very subjective people. Its like, everyone in the movie has an agenda except for the filmmaker( gary huswit is I believe his name). I really like that. Of course people are going to have an agenda to push, and documentaries with people in them are naturally going to reflect those motives. I think my problem is when the movie itself has a motive, that is just irritating to watch. Watching a debate is entertaining, being preached to just makes me want to claw my eyeballs out.

The Kwisatz Haderach is a messiah figure in the novel Dune that the all women institue of the Bene Gesserit tried to selectively breed using arranged marriges in the royal families. The kwisatz haderach using the spice drug melange, would be able to see many futures and bend space and time itself. It is a really great book and I’d encourage any even casual fan of science fiction to read.

A little over a month ago I took an intern position a live 100.5, a local radio station here in bham if you don’t know. It been really cool so far. There are nice people there and the perks of being onstaff have already manifested themselves(Mutemath tickets at the alabama theatre) (!) I’ve been going in mondays wednesdays and fridays. A pretty reasonable schedule for a nonpaid internship i think. I do stuff like pull music from the internet and cd’s and get them on the stations network using a program called tlc(trim, label, and convert.) I usually pick out music for each nights mixtape. That’s my one small influence in the stations programing, so there’s that. You can listen to that each night at 7. (Used to be 9) I think I’ve played cool stuff, mostly just my favorite bands. Hopefully this week ill get an all instrumental mixtape in. I’ve got slint, do make say think, and broken social scene lined up. Will try and get some el ten eleven on there too.

I’m too tired to write anymore. Maybe youll see part 2 soon.



  1. It has been quite awhile for a post. I could not agree with you more about the objectivity in Helvetica. I’ve come to discover “preaching” has many different meanings for many different types of people, including so-called “preachers” themselves. It’s hard to escape a specific agenda when one gives a talk/lecture/sermon, but I have found some of that said objectivity in other places… an active pursuit was definitely necessary.

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