Posted by: Dustin Faulkner | September 16, 2009

ooooooooooohhhhhh dream interpretation ‘yatches

Dustin: i had a dream last night that someone dressed up like me and went on a rampage and killed a bunch of people or something. so i get put in jail. but jail is kinda nice. it had three rooms and a nice bed. one of the guards tried to play a prank on me saying there was a bear under the main walk way that went in my room(it was a weird room) but it was just a prank because the bear was stuffed…

CourtNix8: wow/ that was amazing.

Dustin: what do you think the dream means?

Dustin: a manfestation of….white guilt?

CourtNix8: the bear represents homoerotic undertones…in your dream

Dustin: lol

Dustin: oh i should say this

Dustin: before they put me in the jail. i guess the….warden?– or something? — anyways she was flirting with me. and it made me uncomfortable.

CourtNix8: well at least it was a she

Dustin: O.0

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